Swastika Chakravorty

About me

I did my bachelor’s in Botany from Bangladesh. After that, I did my MSc in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management at the University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany. I did my second year of MSc including my master’s thesis in SLU, Alnarp and thus got familiar with the Swedish forestry system.

In my master’s thesis, I worked on the combined management alternatives of silver birch and Norway spruce. Now I am interested in the forest management and utilization of broadleaves in the bioenergy sector, bioenergy production system assessment and cost optimization. In my free time, I like to read, bake, hike and pick mushrooms in the autumn.

About my research project

We are working to assess the role of value chains based on fast-growing broadleaf (FGB) species from a technical, economic and environmental perspective. Initially, the focus is on finding economically and environmentally suitable forest-based energy biomass harvest, processing and transport chains up to the plant gate. Eventually, conversion alternatives and end products, plant configurations and integration opportunities will be included in the scope. All the research will be broadly aimed at finding out sustainable and cost-optimal bioenergy production systems utilizing FGBs.

We plan to use forest data from different experimental sites in Sweden and real-time biomass market prices to estimate the possible energy biomass outtake from forests and its economic value. In this way, our analysis will reflect the real energy biomass market condition. The system’s economic and environmental performance will be analyzed and compared by different scenario analyses, so we expect our results will be useful in different situations.

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