Jaime Luna

About me

I am a curious biologist and forest entomologist who decided to change the warm weather of the southern-most part of Spain for the cold and snowy winters of Umeå in 2019, where I took my master’s in Conservation and Management of Wildlife at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU Umeå). During my master thesis at the Restoration Ecology group I studied the diversity patterns and functional composition of wild bee communities under different forest management regimes in boreal forests. I have also worked at different institutions in various biodiversity projects, such as the worldwide biodiversity project LIFEPLAN at SLU Uppsala.

I am a very active person and I tend to be busy with both personal and working projects. I love being out in nature and I also invest some of my leisure time learning about taxonomy, so I always try to keep discovering new things about the species that surround us.

About my research project

Within my PhD I will identify the biodiversity contributions, and ways to increase the benefits to forest biodiversity, from the use of short-rotation broadleaves.

Fast-growing broadleaved trees can provide us with a huge amount of raw material in less time than conventional production stands while helping us to diversify the conifer-dominated Swedish landscape. It therefore has potential consequences for both biodiversity and recreational values. However, we know almost nothing about the actual biodiversity implications of these different fast-growing broadleaved trees. Therefore, it is worth to do research and go deep into their potential contribution to biodiversity and gather more knowledge to successfully meet Swedish environmental goals.

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