Aureo Aparecido Abreu Junior

About me

My name is Aureo Junior, I am 32 years old and I am from Brazil. I have a bachelor degree in forest engineering from the Federal University of Lavras, Brazil, and one year of undergraduate exchange studies at Oregon State University, U.S. with a volunteering internship at the U.S. Forestry Labs, Corvallis.

My previous research was focused on wood science and technology. During my master’s degree I studied the tolerance of Toona ciliata (Australian red cedar) seedlings in distinct scenarios of heating climate aiming to select the clones more resilient to global warming. Recently, I did some courses related to the socio-environmental risk analysis and GHG inventory.

The thematic area of climate change and forestry is something really challenging andexciting to study. With my research I want to be able to support assertive answers to the decision making process for all stakeholders involved in the forest sector.

About my research project

One general objective of the research project will be to assess the time dynamic climate impact related to an increased production and utilization of fast growing broadleaves for bio-based products and bioenergy. Another objective will be to assess alternative system designs and management strategies to be able to provide decision support on climate optimized production and utilization chains, for a coming large-scale implementation.

The assessment is planned to include both effects due to changed flows of Green house gases (GHG) and due to Albedo related effects. To assess the overall climate impact of a forest-based production chain, a system perspective will be applied where forest carbon stock changes, temporary carbon storage in wood products, value chain emissions, and avoided emissions from substitution are considered.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the most common method for assessing climate impact of a product or service throughout the whole lifespan, and a time dependent version of this methodology will be the base for the work.

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