Ash recycling for establishment of poplar plantations on forest land

The overall aim of this project is to propose efficient and sustainable methods for establishing fast-growing broadleaves with a special focus on poplar. More specifically, the post-doc will perform a detailed analysis of how treatments with; fertilization, lime and ash with different properties i.e. inorganic content influences plant survival, height and diameter growth. 

The main research questions addressed in this project is related to; 

  1. How plant growth is influenced by application of lime, ash fertilizers and combinations between treatments during establishment and post-establishment on acidic forest soils. 
  2. How differences in inorganic element ash elements influences plant growth of poplars and birch. 
  3. What fungal species are associated to poplar roots (mycorrhiza) and how these changes under residue (ash) treatments.  

Based on the generated new scientific knowledge from i) to iii) suitable establishment method of fast-growing broadleaves at different soil properties and post-establishment treatments will be suggested. 

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