Vision and mission


Trees For Me’s vision is to become an internationally leading, interdisciplinary science-based platform that enables future sustainable forest-based value chains for the development of high-value material and energy products from fast-growing broadleaved species, and to secure the knowledge capacity for the future. 


The overarching goal of Trees For Me is to ensure sustainable biomass production from fast-growing broadleaves with security and flexibility of supply and quality, while reducing target conflicts, and to ensure efficient and sustainable biorefinery value chains for wood-based feedstocks and fuel assortments. 

To achieve this, Trees For Me 

  • serves as a knowledge hub for scientific and technical solutions for fast-growing broadleaf biomass and bioenergy, also considering key societal and environmental issues
  • fosters collaboration across disciplines and sectors 
  • encourages cross-sectoral and strategic research capacity building; and 
  • educates the sector and society

all of which are necessary for reaching Sweden’s climate goals for 2045. 

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