Energy systems analysis of selected value chains

This PhD project aims to assess the role of value chains based on fast-growing broadleaf species in the energy system transition, from a combined technical, economic and environmental perspective. The PhD student will evaluate selected full value chains from forest stand to final product, based on fast-growing broadleaf species and, primarily, thermochemical biomass conversion processes.

Overall objectives are to

  1. assess the impact of both upstream choices and conversion technology aspects on the overall value chain performance for a selection of value chains,
  2. identify and analyse relevant system trade-offs and synergies, and
  3. assess overall implementation and production potential. 

Modelling of biomass supply chains and conversion processes will be complemented with scenario analyses to investigate value chain performance in relation to both stand management, and future policy and market development.

Examples of potential studied value chains include combustion-based heat and power production, gasification-based heat and power, biofuel or hydrogen production, and pyrolysis-based biochar or pyrolysis oil production. Focus will in particular be on biomass assortments with either low or no current market value, or envisioned additional environmental benefits. 

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