Forest owners’ and interest groups’ perspectives

Radically increasing the share of broadleaves, including fast growing broadleaves, can be considered a socio-technical transition. The aim is to uncover the wider potential of increasing the share of broadleaves, including adoption of fast growing broadleaves, among private forest owners and societal implications of such a transition.

More specifically, the following research questions will be examined:

  1. To what extent are private forest owners willing to increase the use of fast growing broadleaves and other broadleaves, and what factors are associated with such decisions?
  2. What are the benefits and challenges associated with the utilization of fast growing broadleaves in different circumstances from the perspectives of external stakeholder groups?, and
  3. What are the preferences for broadleaved forests, including forests with fast growing broadleaves, among groups in the public in different geographies?

In the project, a nationwide survey directed at a randomly selected sample of Swedish private forest owners (n = 5000) will be conducted to examine RQ1. In addition, RQ2 will be examined by means of an interview study with external stakeholders, and a preference study among selected groups in the public will be conducted to examine RQ3.

The project will be developed together with the other projects and stakeholders in Trees For Me to ensure that diverse perspectives on fast growing broadleaves are covered. The project is expected to lead to scientific knowledge and knowledge exchanges within Trees For Me as well as in other forest networks, as well as popular science compilations.

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