More improved birch in new and unique greenhouse

Improved birch in rows in sunshine. Photo.
Photo: Mateusz Liziniewicz


Mats Ostelius

Skogforsk is increasing the rate of improved birch for forestry, through an investment of approximately SEK 18 million in a new and unique greenhouse for trees at the research station in Ekebo.

"We get an environment that makes it possible to shorten the time it takes to create a new, improved generation of trees. We do this by making the birch bloom earlier, that is, only a few years after the seeds have germinated. Otherwise, this can take up to 15 years," says Thomas Kraft, program manager of tree breeding at Skogforsk and site manager at the research station in Ekebo.

According to Urban Nilsson, professor of silviculture at SLU and director of Trees For Me, the new greenhouse will form a necessary infrastructure to increase the availability of improved birch. In the long run, this could lead to us getting a new main tree species in Swedish forestry alongside pine and spruce, he reasons.

Skogforsk is one of almost 50 partners in Trees For Me.

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